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Clínica Kranion is a health centre dedicated to the prevention and treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases, which is registered in the Comunidad Valenciana’s official health centres, services and establishments registry under number 6217.

Our main objective is to provide an impeccable service, both technically and having regard to patient care standards, so that the patient’s stay in our clinic is as pleasant as possible. To achieve these goals we offer our patients a team of professionals who are highly experienced and qualified.

Clínica Kranion is firmly committed to quality and ongoing improvement, to which end, it is implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO Policy 9001.

The dental offices offer a pleasant and well lit design, equipped with the latest technologies and systems, which meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Clínica Kranion is fully computerized and equipped with digital radiography technology, offering a high quality diagnosis, reducing the dose of radiation that our patients receive.

The sterilisation of instruments is vitally important to avoid transmission of infectious diseases in denistry. Accordingly, Clinica Kranion has a specific sterilisation room equipped with the latest generation of autoclaves (B series), which comply with the strictest rules in controlling sterilisation processes, thus eliminating all traces of mould, bacterias, viruses and prions.

The rooms for oral and maxillofacial surgery are equipped with resuscitation and oxygen conduction equipment, in order to apply sedation techniques for those patients with fears, phobias, or anxiety of dental treatments. Likewise, our facilities have a recovery room where our patients can rest after having been subjected to prolonged surgical procedures.

For Clínica Kranion customer care is a priority, to which end, there is a dedicated patient care room, where we can provide you with all the information that you require regarding your treatment.

Furthermore, in order to know our patients’ opinions, and to be able to take effective measures for continuous improvements, we have introduced a new software system that measures patient satisfaction in real time.

In addition Clinica Kranion promotes oral-dental care in the Third World and in economically depressed areas of the developed world by working with non-governmental organisations, such as Doctors Without Borders.

Our goal is that the patient always leaves with a smile!!.

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