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Signs and warning signs before a picture of Craniomandibular Dysfunction

Dental alterations:
  • Wear of the occlusal surfaces or sharp teeth.
  • Indentations on the sides of the tongue.
  • White line on the buccal mucosa (inner cheek).

Painful palpation:
  • In the muscles of the face, neck and back.
  • In the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), either when resting or moving.

Signs of biomechanical dysfunction, difficulty in opening and closing the mouth:
  • Opening limitations.
  • Mouth opening deviation to one side or the other.
  • Noise or cracking joints on palpation of the TMJ when opening or closing the mouth.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress overload, when they are accompanied by the tooth or joint symptoms described above.

Signs of hyperelasticity of the periarticular tissues from various body joints.

Oppressive headaches in the frontal, temporal and parietal areas of the head (tension headaches related to teeth clenching).

Neck, back, and shoulder pain, associated with changes in body posture.

Earache caused by compression of the TMJ as a result of functional overload maintained by clenching teeth. Symptoms of dizziness, loss of hearing and tinnitus, can coexist especially when the previous ENT examination has been negative.

Morning tingling or jaw pain due to the clenching or grinding of teeth at night (bruxism).

If you present some of these symptoms and / or warning signs, it is possible that you may have Craniomandibular Dysfunction, with possible damage to the TMJ and / or masticatory musculature.

For more information, visit the pages of the Spanish Society of Craniomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain ( or the American Society of Orofacial Pain (

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